Wire Transfers

By utilizing the instructions below, funds may be wired to your account from another financial institution:

To send funds via wire, please contact us at (830)931-2201 or visit us at one of our two convenient locations.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

The Bank’s routing number (below), along with your account number, allows the electronic transfer of funds in and out of your account.


Safe Deposit Boxes

Castroville State Bank offers safe deposit boxes located in a bank vault.

Each box is controlled by two keys, one held by the box renter and a “guard” key held by the bank. Both keys are required to open the box. This offers peace of mind knowing that your valuables are much safer than if they were kept at home.

No one has access to a box except the renter which guarantees confidentiality.

Safe Deposit Box Charges:

3 x 5$15.00
3 x 10$25.00
5 x 10$40.00
10 x 10$75.00